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Parent Council

Our mission is to provide a forum for parents to contribute to how their child’s school functions. We offer a discussion platform, a place to solve problems; listening to views and opinions we form a bridge between school staff, parents, pupils and the community. We support the school in its work with pupils. We represent the parents and encourage links between all in the school environment. We do this to enhance the school experience for all pupils, staff and parents.

And we fundraise to support the school. Here are some of the contributions we made in 2016-17:

  • Replenish school library (£1000)
  • Accelerated Reader subscription (£817)
  • Subsidise transport for school trips (£600)
  • Purchase stage (£500)
  • Playground equipment (£200)
  • Reusable canvas for school play backdrop (£300)

Please let us know if you have ideas for things we could support, events or fundraising.

Shape the √ision

Any enquiries for the parent council can be directed to